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Roberts Tool Company is the world aerospace leader in dedicated lean-cell manufacturing.

Based in Chatsworth, California, Roberts Tool Company is a privately-held company with a proud 50+ year history in precision aerospace manufacturing, and a reputation for achieving the impossible in terms of complex, high-tolerance, difficult-to-machine parts.

Stable and professionally managed, Roberts Tool Company offers beginning to end solutions for entire families of commercial and aerospace parts. From the procurement of raw materials to managing inventory to dramatically lowering costs, Roberts Tool Company reduces your supply chain risk and lead times-usually to days, not months.

What is unique about Roberts Tool Company?

The Lean-Cell Revolution

In the past, Roberts Tool Company was like many other high-end "machine shops" - struggling to increase quality and reduce costs in the face of growing global competition. That changed dramatically in the early 2000s when former CEO Brad Hart led the company on a radical, comprehensive retooling of the company's systems, processes, and personnel based on the insights and best practices of lean manufacturing and dedicated cellular manufacturing - as detailed in Hart's 2011 book, "Business Tranformation-The Roberts Story," written with Jim Hull.

"Business Transformation: The Roberts Story"

Roberts Tool former CEO Brad Hart and author Jim Hull detail the true-life transformation of RTC into an aerospace leader through the radical application of lean-cell manufacturing principles. You'll learn step by step how to: